The International Eventing Forum has nurtured an eager and interested media following over the last number of years, with press coverage spanning TV, print and online and expanding from the UK and Ireland to as far afield as the USA and Australia.IEF_HC-TV

Horse & Country TV attended Hartpury College in 2012 and 2013 to film the Forum. In 2012 the day was featured in a 10 minute highlight slot on Rudall’s Roundup and in 2013 H&C TV came back for more and the Forum featured as a full 30 minute slot on Rudall’s Roundup.

Print media coverage has been achieved in much of the equestrian press, including leading titles of Horse & Hound, Horse & Rider and Your Horse Magazines, in addition to regional titles and specialist titles such as Eventing and British Eventing Magazine.
Recognising the educational benefits to its members, British Eventing has been a great supporter of the Forum over the years and has helped us to communicate key information to their members on a regular basis.

With the explosive growth of the Internet, the International Eventing Forum has benefitted enormously over the last few years from the power of ‘social’ and this irresistible trajectory will continue into the future. Exciting times lie ahead for the International Eventing Forum.