Theme for 2018 – ‘What’s the Limit’!

Few would argue that Eventing is a different sport now than it was 20 years ago. The technical demands of the dressage have increased significantly, as has the requirement of the quality of the work between the white boards – currently at the very top end of “flatwork” riding.

Cross Country has changed from the ‘long- format, reducing the influence of endurance, with increasingly “technical” tests that challenge both the physical and mental ability and scope of both horse and rider.

The technical demands of the Show Jumping phase now require an incredible level of precise riding together with an extremely careful horse, able to cope with both grass and all-weather surfaces, to be competitive on the final day.

As the sport changes (and will no doubt continue to do so in the years to come) we must ask ourselves: “How far can we actually push the boundaries in our sport to keep up with obvious performance improvements of both the horse and the rider?”

“How do we retain the integrity of the sport we all love so much – where amateurs still happily and successfully compete alongside professionals – and continue to ‘raise the game’, without alienating the enthusiastic amateur?”

These are some of the questions that our high class line up of speakers will address at the 2018 International Eventing Forum – so put the date in your diary today!

1000 – 1115 –  Sandy Phillips – “If it isn’t good (enough), it won’t get better”
1130 – 1245 – Eric Smiley – “The Foundation allows for Progress”
1245 – 1345 – Lunch
1345 – 1430 – Charlie Unwin – “The Mind limits the body”
Afternoon session Fredrik Bergendorff – “Preparing for the Top”